20 things Only fitness-freaks will understand


 1. The worst month of your life is January.


When will people give up on their New Year’s resolutions, already? This is just ridiculous! Stop taking up all the space and just leave! We all know you won’t be here in a month, anyway.

2. You use your sports bra as a handbag. It makes an excellent one: Smart phone, credit card, cash, ear buds—they've all taken a ride in there.
3.You always overpack when you travel. And we're not talking tank tops, jeans, and ballet flats—between running shorts, shoes, sports bras, socks, and an extra sweatshirt (no freaking way are you taking the day off if it’s chilly!), you've got about three square inches in your suitcase for those other things.

4. Ordering three dinners on Seamless in one night

It’s okay to have those nights when your stomach seems to be a bottomless pit. 
5.You can justify dropping $88 on new protein supplements, but never on anything else.

6. I’m hungry!


French fries, pizza, donuts, bagels, popcorn, mmmmm!! The only place I want to be running to right now is Whole Foods. Get me out of here.


7. Why is that girl on the elliptical for three hours?


Is she wondering why she isn’t seeing results? This is a pretty big waste of time if all you’re doing at the gym is cardio. Pick up the damn weights and change up your routine; only then will you see the results you want.


8. WTF is that girl wearing? Are those extensions?


 You came here to exercise, not to participate in a beauty pageant. 

9.You wonder what exactly people do with their lives when they say things like, “I don’t work out.” No seriously, what do they do?

10.Other gym rats never fail to comment, “You are always here!” (Obviously, if they always see you when you’re at the gym, that means they’re always there too.)


11. You do laundry once a week solely because you don’t want you gym clothes sitting in the laundry basket, getting nasty. Alternatively, you have a laundry basket just for your gym clothes.

12. Speaking of gym clothes, they make up about 30 – 50% of your closet.

13. And you think shopping for gym clothes is the most enjoyable form of shopping. Example: Texts you’ve sent your friends, “AAAHHHH, my new sports bra is the SHIT!”

14. If you calculate how much you spend annually on your gym membership, gym clothes, add-on fitness classes, sports races, and team sports participation, you could probably have gone on at least one all-expense paid trip to Fiji. Maybe two.


15. You schedule dates around your gym schedule. “Well, I usually get done working out at 8 P.M. So you want to go to dinner at 9.30? “(And if your date can’t accept that, you know it’s probably never going to work.)

16. Speaking of, you don’t think you could date someone who doesn’t work out at all. It’s the first sign the relationship is simply going to fail. Nope, you’re not going there.

17. When people ask you to name a list of things you can’t live without. Your gym membership is in the top 5.


18.When someone steals your bench.

26 Peeves Gym Junkies Know Too Well


19. The fact that every time you leave your headphones at home, the gym is playing the same playlist over and over again.


 26 Peeves Gym Junkies Know Too Well

20. When someone says girls can’t or shouldn’t lift.

 26 Peeves Gym Junkies Know Too Well
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Haha, men va 😝 xD

2 Felicia:


haha garvade ordentligt, det här är såå jag!! precis hittat din blogg, den är grym!! såg att du också gillar Dr denim jeansen, hittade dom förra veckan och vill aldrig ha nåt annat :P

Svar: haha va lika vi är! :)
Amanda Essen

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